Venezuela’s problems have many levels, and all of them are caused by socialist measures and policies applied during the last 20 years by Marxists who have the country under a tyranny, criminals perpetrating a criminal system, who conspire against the Republic of Venezuela.

In this article, we will pay attention to the current crisis daily situation that this country is going through and that many people out there know nothing about, or even think of it as an exageration, a lie.

The country is in a general collapse at all levels and, particularly in economic terms, this collapse is not due to what the “leftiepaths” (that is how I call socialists, Marxists, etc.) assure when they refer to the “blockade against Venezuela”, which by the way, is not against the citizens and the Republic of Venezuela, but against the criminal Marxist drug traffickers who attain the power as they please without respecting any laws or morals, thus perpetrating a bloody tyranny.

The economic problem is mainly due to the fact that any possibility and / or incentive to generate wealth, employment, goods and services, has been reduced / eliminated, for the market to not meet the demand that people represent in order to not have a healthy economy with people with purchasing power , such as it tipically happens in countries where this abject system (socialism) is applied.

As there is no economic activity, the streets are empty. Garbage is everywhere.

One thing that I emphasize and recommend, for example, is that Latin America pays attention to what happens and will happen in Mexico regarding this, with the Marxist López Obrador, a Fidel Castro’s fanboy. People who still defend this nefarious system will eventually learn, for once and for all, that all the systems which come from Marxism are nothing more than a vile slavery, hunger, indoctrination and misery agenda which sinks into the most abject misery and absolute obscurity, entire nations. People starve, literally die, while those who occupy power positions and perpetuate this entire agenda, are on the top, as monarchs. Anyone around the world can already see what happens here: the lack of medicines from the “social programs” of the Venezuelan “government” (Venezuelan Marxist tyranny), the lack of food, transportation, electricity blackouts, water shortages, etc., Matters of which I will tell you about.

In Venezuela, landowners and industries had (and have!) their “expropriated” land and factories in the name of the “revolution,” except for a few such as “Polar Companies,” which has been affected by these economic measures. hungering and yet, it is the one that produces the most food in the country. It has been threatened with being “expropriated” repeatedly. In Venezuela, landowners and businessmen were stolen! An example is what was done with the Kellog’s company of Corn Flakes between last year and this one: it was “nationalized” by the Venezuelan tyranny, without any compensation or other alternative route for that company, which simply withdrew from the country shaking hands . The same happened in Cuba, with numerous private properties so that the “revolutionary” tyranny could remain in power by extending its dominance over the citizenship of the island. All these lands and industries that the tyranny stole under the pretext that they would lead them to “produce food accessible to the people”, since “the landowners exploited the workers”, today they produce absolutely nothing, these lands are abandoned, they do not produce food, in cases like Kellog’s, there is a pyrrhic production with extremely poor quality and this can be seen in the streets of the country, in the markets and in the high cost of food, reflecting the low supply of goods and services we need and that, due to the principle that governs the world economy, that is, the principle of supply and demand, the purchasing power of Venezuela has been negatively affected by the very limited supply that exists compared to demand which represents the population (we are a population of approximately 30,000,000 Venezuelans from which about 4,000,000 have already fled from socialism).

There is a very particular case of a landowner named Franklin Brito, who was unfairly stripped of his land and died in a hunger strike on August 30, 2010 demanding the return of his land, his property. The tyranny paid no attention to him, let him die, and his lands, as I mentioned before, produce absolutely nothing.

State filling stations are mostly closed. There’s no food, or medcines.

Here in the Republic of Venezuela, which is a tropical country, with a eternal spring climate and a very fertile land, in which the best cocoa on the planet (used in Switzerland to make chocolate) is harvested and the soil is in proper conditions to planting and harvesting food throughout the year, must we have food shortage? Certainly not and it is not because of “the American empire’s blockade”! It is a vast lie, ladies and gentlemen: like Brazil, Venezuela is one of the few countries in the world that houses such a large amount of resources that, even surrounding its borders with walls such as the Great China Wall, isolating itself from the world , It could move forward, yes, with study, hard work and capital! Besides, we don’t have the latter!Here in the Republic of Venezuela, which is a tropical country, with a climate of eternal spring and very fertile land, the best cocoa on the planet (used in Switzerland to make chocolate) is extracted. Farmland is conducive to planting and harvesting food throughout the year. So why is there food shortage? Certainly not because “the American empire is blocking us”! It is a rude lie, ladies and gentlemen: like Brazil, Venezuela is one of the few countries in the world that houses such a large amount of resources that, even surrounding its borders with walls such as the Great Wall of China, isolating itself from the world , I could move forward, yes, with study, hard work and capital! Besides, we don’t have the latter!

Currently, the food that can be obtained is produced by small producers who, however, cannot do it in a large-scale or industrialized manner with the best and most appropriate conditions, because there are no places for them, due to the fact the state intervenes, taking the majority of what is produced to continue stealing and feeding the bunch of lazy people who still believe them, and to maintain their “social programs” and thus, no wealth is generated: this is an assault to the nation! In addition to this, there is no national nor legal security for any entrepreneur to risk such investment producing at these scales. By the way, there are no “entrepreneurs” here, just the tyranny invests with laundered money.Currently, the food that can be obtained is produced by small producers who, however, cannot do it in a large-scale industrialized manner with the best and most appropriate conditions, because there are no places for them, because the state intervenes, taking much of what was produced to continue stealing and feeding the band of lazy people who still believe in them, or to maintain their “social programs” and thus, no wealth is generated: this is an assault on the nation! In addition, there is no national or legal security for any entrepreneur to risk such investment producing at these scales. By the way, there are no “entrepreneurs” here, just invest the tyranny with money laundering.

Another interesting part here in Venezuela is the money, currency, bank accounts, etc .: This is also part of the economic problem that affects the country.

It is surprising the amount of bills you can have in your hand, bills which value is below the bill production cost, it does not exceed the money needed to print one of them: the waste comes from the Mint. Yes, this is how serious the situation is.

This is a bakery, which also spends most of its time closed. When it opens, it immediately forms lines to buy bread. That is low quality and never enough for everyone. When it’s over, it closes again.

Here the misery is widespread, evident, remarkable. There is not enough money for us, you can not buy anything with it, every day it loses value and even more with the way the tyranny in the Venezuelan central bank prints bills. They do so to pay the public spending which is too high (with all the “free” social programs and unneeded public institutions) so as to be sustained by the amount of bolivars which the public administration receives, as typical from socialism, it spends more money than it has to make us miserable and thus, more controllable. Criminal tyrants.

There is exchange control (“fixed” exchange), the state dominates foreign currencies and gives them to whoever they want (or not, whatever), as always happens in socialist tyrannies, the state controls everything under the false claim that “they represent the people”. What they do repeatedly, in fact, is that they have become exactly what they say (in their lies) they “fight” against, or “hate”: they are the owners, exploiters, possessors and masters of absolutely everything, they even own the people’s individual consciousness who still believe in marxist establishment, status quo, AKA: “PSUV vs. Opposition”.

The minimum wage is 65,000 BsS (sovereign bolivars), and in an economy that is completely dependent on the dollar, because everything is imported here in Venezuela, which today does not have a domestic iron market, buying power is miserable and does not have a market that produces, of course that our economy cannot compete with any other from abroad.

When we do the exchange, the minimum wage turns out to be approximately $ 2.50 (two dollars and fifty cents and tomorrow will be less).Then, people in Venezuela live from the informal labor market, or from something else with which to obtain some foreign money, which must be done discreetly, because if some authority sees you with dollars, the safest thing is to take them away. , since in Venezuela the police and the army are made up of individuals who endorse the tragedy we are living, they have no morals or principles, they are accomplices, criminals, steal and sustain the situation of criminals, for example.

With commerce and other inoperative activities, people roam the streets, with nothing to do or how to earn a living.

Something that was notably experienced at the end of the “useful life” of the “Bolivar Fuerte” monetary pattern is that the shortage of cash in bolivars was excessive and the state lost the ability to print bills due to having no more material to do so. Everyone counts the days until when the central bank does not have the raw material to issue tickets (as it happened). People at the borders use a lot of cash, avoiding bank transactions because they are subject to a daily limit for digital transfers. Exceeded this limit, the state intervenes in your account! With a currency as undervalued as ours, and one that is literally devaluing every day, people prefer to make cash transactions to avoid problems. This creates a shortage of physical money in the interior of the country, since even the banks have run out of cash previously because of the aforementioned. Therefore, to obtain it, there is a “black exchange” of the national currency. There are people who sell bolivars in cash at 200% in bank transfers, that is: if you want to have 1000BsS in tickets, you must pay the seller with a digital transfer of 3000BsS to get 1000BsS in cash. And that’s just a small example, because 3000 BsS is absolutely nothing and you don’t buy in the least.

With all this, imagine selling a pencil sharpener that costs 1000BsS and a person wants to pay you with 2BsS tickets: that’s 500 2-dollar bills! This generates a large volume of paper. Therefore, as people stop accepting small bills, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 BsS are not accepted for the volume they make. Since these tickets are rejected by people, it is common for them to be thrown away or chopped as party papers on the street. The money is worth depending on the work that supports them, not the fallacies that the zurdópatas say. You can see everywhere “money” on the floor. This is not, or should not be, a toy or garbage, although, the Marxist dinerr will always be garbage, in reality.

Garbage, everywhere.

Another very serious problem here in Venezuela is transportation. Within the country, transport is basically non-existent: there are no buses, especially, trucks end up fulfilling this function, at the initiative of the people themselves, who take advantage of the situation. This is risky, there are no safe conditions on these transports and these practices have lost lives.Not to mention that even this transport is inefficient, intermittent and scarce. There is a lot of laziness in this regard, the passages are very expensive, they drown people and with that many have stopped coming and going from their respective cities, to the capital Caracas to work. Others choose to stay in Caracas with family members or renting during the week to survive with the informal economy mentioned above (because if it depends on the minimum wage, they simply starve to death). It is a gross, arduous and simple everyday reality. On Fridays, transportation is even scarcer than usual, people return to their homes, and the existing one collapses, either by bus or truck. Myself, an opportunity when I was in a bus in Caracas, on Bolivar Avenue, the bus stopped, it was accident, everyone had to get off and walk, no matter how far they were, the bus had to return the ticket money. Another part of the transport, here in the capital, is the Caracas metro: daily the electrical system fails, leaving it without operation and with passengers locked in the trains. This causes successive evacuations of people through the tunnels and that the streets become congested with people, which is also dangerous in addition to being degrading to live between so much neglect and abandonment. The trains are totally deteriorated, at the Orooatria and Las Adjuntas stations you can see the immense amount of out-of-operation trains, junk cemetery, the escalators do not work, it is rare if one does, the cars and people stink, there are vendors street vendors everywhere, even on crowded trains, robberies are always reported. The police, instead of taking them into account, collect vaccines from those who perpetrate these acts! From street vendors, aggressions and robberies go public. The subway service is fully nationalized, they rarely charge the service and state funding is miserable (if there is one) the turnstiles to enter and exit most stations do not work and on those rare times they charge the service the tickets they sell, which always run out and stop charging the service immediately, are broken by the officials placed in the turnstiles to receive them which lacks total logic … There are water leaks in the structure of the subway, ruinous environment (as in the whole country). On trains, the train floor is black and dirty, sporadic cleaning, no air conditioning, wagons that do not lack this are counted. There are cases of death of older people in crowded wagons, as well as of young people suffering from suffocation attacks, fainting. Pregnant women steal or simulate fictitious “thefts”, which have been stolen to deceive people and steal their victims.The problem with light is not only in the capital city, the energy problem is throughout the country, as it is with the water supply. No one knows when these services stop and if they stop, when they will restart again. In several areas of the country they report that the public water service only brings dirty and muddy water to the sinks. Valencia, in the Carabobo state, is one of those areas, but the tyranny denies it.

A large part of the population has chosen to obtain food and seek to satisfy their own needs due to the high costs and the shortage of rudimentary forms, for all the things that the market cannot supply thanks to the economic measures of the Marxist tyranny, which it affirms to support these needs. When electricity is absent for long periods, people have to cook with firewood if they do not have gas, this service is also in short supply. People with electric stoves are the most affected by this: we have had blackouts of 4 or 3 days in recent months. They occur simultaneously and throughout the country.For about 8 months, the light is intermittent throughout the country. Every day, the electrical system fails repeatedly, fluctuates uncontrollably: there is an excessive loss of household appliances, cases of people killed in hospitals occur because they were connected to a machine that kept them alive, such as premature newborns, the elderly, the sick , etc. This, in addition to all those who have already died of hunger and lack of medication, of course, all these things are the consequences of one thing: SOCIALISM!

Fortunately, in Brazil, Lula is in a jail, where people like him (and every Marxist) should stay forever. Don’t be afraid to take care of Brazil, this beautiful place, beautiful, great country!

Death to Marxism, and all that begotten! The exit for progress has always been, is and will be on the right side!

Don Augusto Pinochet
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